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Swimming with Sharks, Traits of a Great Real Estate Agent Part II

Swimming with Sharks

In case you missed my previous post, I discussed in detail the traits of a great commercial real estate agent. See Part One.

6. A good real estate agent has no problem saying “I don’t know.” Most people have trouble saying “I don’t know”. In fact the writers of the famous book “Freakanomics” discuss it in depth. It is impossible to know everything there is to know about real estate. Dealing in real estate covers many disciplines. A good real estate agent will never dispense false information in order to try to look appear knowledgable. Further more even if a  real estate agent does say “I don’t know”, a good real estate agent will be quick to find the answers. 

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Swimming with Sharks, Traits of a Great Real Estate Agent Part I


NYC is the home to the most saviest population when it comes to Real Estate. You will never see a city population more in tuned to their own real estate market. Owners of Commercial Real Estate are notoriously famous for being challenging to deal with 

To help you navigate through these treacherous waters to lease or purchase commercial real estate, a good broker can be a guide to help you accomplish your goals. In this series I discuss how to identify the traits of a great broker.

So you are looking to lease a warehouse in Williamsburg for manufacturing hoola hoops, you are looking for a retail space to open a underground burlesque, or you are looking to purchase a commercial loft building to create an “Oragami Collective”. What ever kind of business you are in, you are probably looking to work with an agent. But these agents appear to have the same bland corporate portrait, drab website, and bland real estate signs. How do you tell these sharks apart? How do you find a good shark to trust and work with? You cannot tell from their suit, their car, or fancy business cards. There are distinct traits to look for, and once you know them, your battle through the real estate jungle got easier.

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